How Long Does Waxing Last?


How Long Does Waxing Last?

Luluu Spa Salon is the right body studio to give a call when you need to perk up your appearance or practice self-care.


One of our most popular service is waxing. Our estheticians underwent extensive training and are known to provide the silkiest, smoothest, (and most pain-free) results possible. With these indulging treatments, you can enjoy velvety smooth skin that stays hair-free for longer.


If this is your first time visiting a waxing studio you might be very curious about the processes and expected results. You might also want to know how long waxing lasts.

Let’s explore the results you can expect from this hair removal method and get a better idea of the duration you need to wait between sessions.

How Long do You Enjoy Smooth Skin with Waxing?

As a rule of thumb, waxing will give you smooth skin for anything between 10 and 21 days. Why such a rough estimate, you might ask?


Well, the reason for this is quite simple. Every person is different. Some have a much quicker natural hair growth rate than others and the hairs will grow back much quicker. The growth rate of hair is also different for different parts of your body. 


Regular sessions are also better because hair follicles become more damaged every time the hair is plucked. As time goes on, it will take longer and longer for hair to resurface and your hair will also become thinner and lighter.


Even though there are some variables, a good wax by a professional esthetician will last a lot longer than any alternative hair removal treatment.

Factors That Impact Waxing Results

Several factors can impact the results you get from a waxing session. The amount of growth hormones that surge through your veins, your age, the frequency of sessions, and the location you are treating can all have an impact on your results.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest factors that impact the results of a good wax job.

Waxing Results on Different Body Parts

Body hair grows faster in certain parts and the color, thickness, and length of the hair can also vary for different areas. This is something you should keep in mind if you are getting a wax job done so you can look your best for an event.


Here is a quick look at how long waxing will last in different areas.

Leg Waxing

Wondering how long does leg waxing last? This is a treatment you might not need for another six weeks. The hair on our legs grows a lot slower compared to some parts of the body. You can expect silky smooth results for up to six weeks after your initial leg waxing job.

This expected time frame does, however, vary for different people. If the hair on your legs grows very fast, you might need a follow-up session earlier. Men are very likely to need more frequent leg waxing sessions because they have more growth hormone.

Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow waxes can be painful but it is something you only need to endure about once a month. Eyebrow wax sessions can give you smooth results for 3 – 6 weeks. If you have a slow hair growth rate then you could wait even longer for your next appointment. Those with bushy brows and a quick hair growth rate might only get about three weeks of smooth eyebrows from waxing sessions before they will note the hairs grow back.

Lip Or Chin Waxing

The hair on your lips and chin does grow a lot faster after a full face wax than the hair on your legs. The results of a professional facial wax can be very smooth for about two to three weeks. Your hair will also grow back thinner and lighter after each facial waxing session.

Brazilian or Bikini Waxing

A wax in the groin area should give you smooth results for three to six weeks. The hair in this part of your body does tend to grow back faster than on your arms or legs. Experts recommend frequent waxing sessions once a month because this will decrease hair growth and thickness with every session.

Back Waxing

Back hair or chest hair tends to resurface about four to six weeks after waxing. This can, however, differ for each man. Some men choose to get a professional back wax job every three weeks while others can go for much longer between sessions.

Waxing Results for Different People

Some people’s natural hair growth rate is a lot faster than others. If you have lots of growth hormones then you can expect hairs to start resurfacing within a week or more.
If you don’t have that much growth hormone surging through your veins then the hair will grow back slower.

Your age can also have an impact. Our bodies naturally produce the most growth hormones in our late teens. As a young adult, your hair will still grow pretty fast but once you start maturing, the hair growth rate naturally reduces all over your body.

Waxing Results Based On Session Frequency

The more sessions you enjoy, the better the results will be. Hair will grow back thinner and lighter after each waxing session. Plenty of hair follicles will stop producing hair entirely after each wax.

If you enjoy regular waxes, your hair will gradually stop growing and the duration between sessions will become longer and longer until you might not need waxing at all anymore.

How Long Before Your Next Waxing Appointment

Hair should grow back a little bit before it can be waxed off or the glues will have nothing to stick to. The length of hair might also vary for different body parts. Leg hair, for example, can easily be waxed even if they are an inch long. Facial hair shouldn’t be longer than half of an inch.

It is important to wait until the new hair is long enough before you book your next session. Luckily, you won’t have to suffer too much because your hair should be lighter and less noticeable after each waxing session.

Get the Best Wax Job From Luluu Spa Salon

Luluu Spa Salon is the best option if you want to look your best. Our skilled groomers use high-quality products and special techniques to minimize pain and enhance results. With our estheticians, you can enjoy beautiful hair-free results without ever putting your skin at risk. Give our professionals a call and make your booking.