How to Find the Best Nail Shape for Your Hands

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How to Find the Best Nail Shape for Your Hands

Which nail shape is best for me? With rocking shapes like classic almonds and coffins, traditional rounded shapes, or impressing stilettos, there is a suitable style for every personality type.


Our goal at Luluu Spa Nail Salon in this guide is to help you find a nail style that suits your unique hand shape and your lifestyle. Let’s discuss all of the most important factors to consider.

Best Nail Shape for Short Nails

Shorter nails can be a good option if you work a lot with your hands or perform duties that require lots of delicate movements.


This nail length might also be a good option if you have an oily nail bed and extensions typically don’t last too long. This is because, with shorter nails, there is less pressure on the nailbed and the risk of lifting is reduced.


You might also want to rock a shorter nail length if you prefer natural nails since it is just quicker to grow out your nail should it happen to break.


The rounded shape is a favorite for shorter nails because this shape will make your nails look a little bit longer. Rounded shapes can also look quite classic and stylish. Squared or coffin shapes can also look quite impressive if the colors are muted or more natural-appearing with some delicate artwork for the refinery.

Best Nail Shape for Long Nails

If you can comfortably work with long nails then you can select just about any nail shape you prefer. Long nails are very easy to style into any shape.


Long square nails are a favorite because this shape is quite strong and won’t easily snap off. A coffin or ballerina shape can be a good alternative since this design is still quite strong and offers a more classical appearance. You can also get some stilettos or almond shapes but these do tend to be a little bit weaker towards the tip of the nail.

Best Nail Shape for Short Fingers and Palms

If you have short fingers and a short or wide palm design then it is best to choose elongated shapes. Shapes that taper towards the tip are also preferable since this will make your fingers look more elegant.


Oval or ballerina shapes are some of the best to consider. The elongated shape will make your fingers look longer while the tapered design will add a little bit of drama.
Squoval nail shapes are also considered a universal shape that looks good on just about any hand type.


With shorter fingers, it might be a good idea to avoid extremely dark or bright nail polish colors. These overwhelming hues create a lot of contrast with your fingers or skin which can give your hands a shorter and more stubble appearance. Muted colors or pastels will blend better with your skin color and will have an elongated effect on the hands.

Best Nail Shape for Long Fingers and Palms

Most nail shapes look pretty good on long skinny fingers. The Squoval nail shape or ballerina shape is very popular for long fingers because the rounded edges can look very flattering while the square top offers good strength.


Almond shapes, coffin shapes, and square shapes can also look quite charming if you have long fingers.


With longer fingers, you can also pick and choose any colour polish or nail design since just about anything from bold to muted and neutral can look very dashing.

Best Nail Shapes for Mothers with Young Kids

The guilt of accidentally causing a deep gash on your child’s cheek when he or she speedily races to you for a hug is unbearable. It is quite common for long nails to cause injuries, especially if your wild one is particularly bouncy.


Moms with babies, toddlers, and young kids tend to prefer a slightly shorter nail length so they can avoid these types of painful injuries. With a shorter nail length, you also want to avoid pointy nail designs like almonds. A squoval, round, or square nail is the safest.


If you do prefer to keep your nails a little bit longer then it is also recommended to have a rounded, coffin, or square nail design since these still pose a low risk of causing scratches on a child’s delicate face or body.

Best Nail Shape For Typing

Some astonishing office workers or writers can still type at incredible speed even with longer fingernails. However, most do feel that long nails and the shape of your nails can affect your work speed. Typing with long nails or an unsuitable shape can also make your fingertips feel sore and increase the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.


If you are hammering away thousands of words on your keyboard per day then it is usually best to select a shorter nail length.


Pointed designs also don’t tend to last because the impact and wear can make the tips snap off. It is best to stick to rounded, square, or coffin nail shapes.

Best Nail Shape for Messy Hobbies

Gardening enthusiasts, or other women who enjoy physical hobbies like painting, woodworking, or other tougher physical jobs usually get by a lot easier with a shorter nail length. It is also best to avoid thin tips like coffins, almonds, or ballerinas since these types of activities already have a big impact on your hands. The best nail shape is something with a sturdy edge like a round or square since it can help prevent breakage. These nail shapes will also work well in gloves which can be a huge help for keeping your nail art or decor in good shape or for preventing stains.

Get The Perfect Nail Shape and Art At Luluu Spa Salon

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