Luluu’s Classic Manicure

$30 | 25 minutes


Luluu’s Classic Manicure is a pampering nail care service that combines precision and relaxation for beautifully groomed hands. Our skilled technicians expertly shape and trim your nails, tidy up cuticles, and indulge your hands in a soothing massage. Finished with your choice of high-quality polish or a natural buff, Luluu’s Classic Manicure leaves your nails looking polished and your hands feeling rejuvenated. Elevate your self-care routine with this timeless and essential beauty treatment.


Express Manicure

$22 | 20 minutes


The Express Manicure offers a quick and efficient solution for busy individuals seeking perfectly groomed nails in minimal time. This express service includes a swift nail shaping, cuticle touch-up, and a choice of polish or buffing, ensuring your nails are well-maintained without compromising your schedule. Treat yourself to a brief yet rejuvenating session, leaving with beautifully manicured nails that effortlessly fit into your on-the-go lifestyle.


Shellac/Gel Manicure

$40 | 35 minutes


Indulge in the long-lasting allure of Shellac/Gel Manicure. This premium service combines the durability of gel polish with a luxurious touch. Our skilled technicians expertly shape and care for your nails, tidy up cuticles, and apply a high-quality Shellac or gel polish of your choice. Enjoy a flawless, chip-resistant finish that lasts for weeks, ensuring your nails maintain a polished and vibrant appearance. Treat yourself to a lasting manicure experience that combines style with durability.


Shellac/Gel Manicure with Gel Removal

$43 | 40 minutes


This comprehensive service includes the gentle removal of existing gel, ensuring a fresh start for your nails. Enjoy the flawless finish and extended wear, as our high-quality gel ensures chip-resistant glamour that lasts for weeks.


Russian Gel Manicure

$95 | 90-120 minutes


Embrace the unique touch of a dry Russian manicure, eliminating the need for soaking in water. Enjoy a luxurious and lasting manicure experience that showcases your individuality, only at Luluu’s. To ensure personalized attention, appointments are available by request only.

Additional Services + Add - ons

Regular Polish      $16

Shellac/Gel Color       $21

Extra Color      $5+

Gel Polish Change      $25

Gel Polish Change with Gel Removal       $30

French     $7

Get Removal Only      $12

Shiny Buff       $3

Paraffin      $12

CBD Oil      $10

Shoulder & Neck Massage (15 minutes)       $25


Luluu’s Classic Pedicure

$45 | 40 minutes


Luluu’s Classic Pedicure is a blissful retreat for tired feet. Indulge in a rejuvenating experience as our expert technicians skillfully pamper your feet, trimming and shaping nails, gently removing calluses, and revitalizing tired muscles with a soothing massage. Complete with your choice of premium polish, this classic pedicure leaves your feet feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to step out in style. Treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation at Luluu’s.


Shellac/Gel Pedicure

$58 | 50 minutes


Treat your feet to long-lasting beauty and vibrant color that stays flawless for weeks. Our skilled technicians meticulously apply high-quality Shellac or Gel polish, ensuring a smooth and glossy finish.


Express Pedicure

$38 | 30 minutes

Express Shellac/Gel Pedicure

$50 | 50 minutes


Step into swift relaxation with our Express Pedicure. Perfect for those on the go, this efficient service offers a quick nail shaping, cuticle care, and a refreshing polish, providing instant rejuvenation for your feet. Experience the essentials of a pedicure without compromising your time.


Callus-Express Pedicure

$53 | 45 minutes


Experience instant relief with Luluu’s Callus-Express Pedicure. Our specialized service targets calluses with precision, swiftly softening and smoothing rough patches to reveal soft, refreshed feet.


Callus/Paraffin & Hot Stone Pedicure

$70 | 50 minutes


Indulge in the ultimate foot therapy with Luluu’s Callus/Paraffin & Hot Stone Pedicure. This luxurious treatment combines the targeted removal of calluses with the soothing warmth of paraffin and the therapeutic benefits of hot stone massage. Our skilled technicians expertly soften and smooth calluses, envelop your feet in nourishing paraffin wax, and melt away tension with 10 minutes of heated stone massage, leaving your feet feeling revitalized and utterly pampered.


Luluu’s “Love Me Not” Bath Bomb Rose Pedicure

$69 | 50 minutes


Immerse yourself in luxury with Luluu’s “Love Me Not” Bath Bomb Rose Pedicure. Enjoy complete callus removal to reveal silky smooth skin, followed by a refreshing mint mask to invigorate and revitalize tired feet. Then, indulge in the soothing warmth of paraffin wax, leaving your feet deeply moisturized and nourished.


Russian Gel Pedicure

$105 | 90 minutes


Luluu’s Russian Pedicure is a sophisticated method that goes beyond the conventional, meticulously cleansing and prepping nail beds to perfection. Embrace the dry precision of the Russian nail technique, featuring precise filing, cutting, and cuticle removal with electric drill bits for a flawlessly clean result. Bid farewell to dry cuticles and hangnails, as the Russian pedicure ensures a pristine look and feel, extending the life of your pedicure.

Additional Services + Add - ons

Regular Polish Change      $22

Shellac/Gel Color      $21

French      $7

Design      $7+

Additional Color      $5

Shellac/Gel Polish Change      $32

Shellac/Gel Polish Change w/Gel Removal      $28

CBD Oil      $18

Gel Removal Only      $15

Gel Removal with Service      $6

Shiny Buff      $4

Paraffin      $15

Callus Removal      $12

Hot Stone      $10

Foot Massage (15 min)      $25

Foot Massage (30 min)      $45


Mani + Pedi

LuLuu’s Classic Mani + Pedi
$74 | 65 minutes

Express Mani + Pedi
$57 | 50 minutes

Express Shellac/Gel Mani + Pedi $90 | 80 minutes
Shellac/Gel Mani + Express Pedi
$73 | 65 minutes
Express Mani + Shellac/Gel Pedi
$76 | 70 minutes

Embrace “The Art of Slow Beauty” at Luluu’s, where self-care becomes a timeless ritual. Our philosophy revolves around savoring moments in each day, week, month, season, and year to cultivate meaningful well-being. Indulge in the small, intentional rituals that accumulate into transformative results, leaving you feeling healthier, happier, and more radiant. At Luluu’s, we believe in the magic of self-care, and we invite you to make time for yourself. Experience the journey towards true beauty and timeless aging.

deluxe spa services

Experience a comprehensive retreat designed to pamper you from head to toe. Indulge in the removal of calluses, followed by the luxurious touch of paraffin and the refreshing sensation of a mint mask. With the combo service, you can unwind with an extra 10 minutes of foot massage, complemented by a blissful combination of 5-minute hand and 5-minute shoulder massages.

Macha Green Tea    Mani | $43 | Pedi | $59 | Combo | $95

Moroccan Dead Sea + Mud Mask    Mani | $47 | Pedi | $69 | Combo | $109

Coconut + Lemon Drop    Mani | $47 | Pedi | $69 | Combo | $109

Belgium Chocolate    Mani | $47 | Pedi | $69 | Combo | $109

Blueberry Martini     Mani | $47 | Pedi | $69 | Combo | $109

luxurious spa services

Our Luxurious spa package features callus removal, a rejuvenating Seaweed detox wrap, the nourishing touch of Eco-Fin, and an extra 15 minutes of foot massage enhanced with soothing hot stones. Immerse yourself in bliss with a harmonious combination of a 5-minute hand massage and a 5-minute shoulder massage with the combo service.

Wonderland Whipped      Mani – $57 | Pedi | $78 | Combo | $119

Lavender & Honey Whipped      Mani – $57 | Pedi | $78 | Combo | $119

Hey Babe (Mango Delight)      Mani – $57 | Pedi | $78 | Combo | $119

Hey Babe (Hawaiian Plumeria)      Mani – $57 | Pedi | $78 | Combo | $119

Hey Babe (Sweet Lychee)      Mani – $57 | Pedi | $78 | Combo | $119

Turmeric & Chamomile      Mani – $57 | Pedi | $78 | Combo | $119

CBD Calm & Relax      Mani – $57 | Pedi | $78 | Combo | $119



Step into the magical realm of LuLuu Spa with our Enchanted Royal Kids Services. Tailored for little princes and princesses, these magical treatments offer a whimsical experience filled with fairy-tale charm. From sparkling mani-pedis to enchanting nail art, each service is designed to make your child feel like royalty. Let their imaginations soar as they indulge in a world of enchantment, leaving with nails fit for a fairy-tale kingdom. At LuLuu Spa, we turn every visit into a storybook adventure for your little ones.

royal spa experience

Designed exclusively for children 12 and under, this royal experience includes vibrant traditional polish to add to their tiny fingers and toes. As a delightful bonus, each session is adorned with complimentary nail art on two fingers and two toes, infusing a playful and colorful touch to their pampering adventure. At LuLuu Spa, we transform every visit into a magical journey, ensuring your young ones leave feeling pampered, polished, and with a touch of royal charm.



Royal Princess Spa Manicure      $30

Little Princess Manicure      $17

Royal Princess Spa Pedicure      $45

Little Princess Pedicure      $28

Royal Princess Spa Mani + Pedi Combo      $70

Little Princess Mani + Pedi Combo      $43



Royal Prince Spa Manicure      $32

Little Prince Manicure      $18

Royal Prince Spa Pedicure      $48

Little Prince Pedicure      $31

Royal Prince Spa Mani + Pedi Combo      $66

Little Prince Mani + Pedi Combo      $46

Add - on kids services

Polish on Hands Only $12

Polish on Toes Only $16

French Style $4

Nail Art $2 Per Nail

Vegan Cupcake Bath Bomb (Add-On Service) $6


Elevate your pedicure with the sweet and soothing aroma of sugar cookies,
adding a touch of magic and a splash of pink to your pampering session

nail enhancements

FS = Full set | R = Refills

Acrylic      FS $50+ | R $35+

Acrylic w/ Gel Polish      FS $72+

Acrylic Toes      FS $78+ | R $55+

Liquid/Hard Gel      FS $65+ | R $45+

Gel X System      FS $45 +

Dip Powder Mani      $57+

Dip Powder w/ Tips      $67+

Dip Pink + White Tips      $77+

additional services

Custom designs, specific shapes, intricate nail art, or extra-long nails, may incur additional charges. Kindly consult with our nail technician before your service to discuss any extra costs associated with your desired enhancements.

Shellac/Gel Color     $21

CatEye Design      $15

Ombré Design     $15+

Exotic Nails Art Designs Per Nail     $7

Exotic Nails Art Designs All Nails     $50*

*will be charged extra for additional time

Rhinestones Per Nail     $7

Nail Repair     $5+

Cut down     $5

Acrylic Removal     $20

Acrylics Reshape*     $10+

*(Stiletto, Coffins, Almond)